My muddy hands


I have pared down my prodution of unique, beautiful and fully functional pottery. But I am still making & exploring and once we get a handle on this pandemic, teaching again. Feel free to send me a message if you are interested in purchasing or commissioning pots. I would love to get some handmade goodness in your hands and onto your table.

Sally Anne 
Tumbler on the Kiln
Dusky Rose Flower Vase
Heart Wall Pockets
Black Poppy Mug
Sky Blue Bowl with Poppies - Underside


  I've got a YouTube Channel with a lovely handful of pottery tutorials for you to watch and enjoy. I also have a Facebook group for pottery students and lovers looking for artful ideas, inspiration and/or advice. It's called: Clay Challenged  Please join in on the fun! - SA

Bud Vase Cluster with Poppies